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Meet the Company and the Founder

Dining room with Lusterstone wall finish and wet silk finish on ceiling

 Alan Klockler

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About Design Exclusives

Elevate your home or business to unprecedented heights of elegance with the expertise of Design Exclusives. Our team of skilled designers, painters, finishers, wallpaper installers, and craftsmen specialize in the art of creative spaces, and we are renowned for surpassing the expectations of even the most discerning clients. We pride ourselves on embracing any challenge presented to us, using cutting-edge materials and techniques to create themed spaces and enhance atmospheres. With our exceptional service, no project is too big or too small - we are dedicated to delivering excellence regardless of size or budget. Whether you desire a timeless traditional look, sleek and contemporary clean lines, or a harmonious fusion of styles, our experience, training, and meticulous execution are the recipe for success. Trust us to transform your home or business into a true masterpiece.


Experience the transformative touch of Alan Klockler, an esteemed professional renowned for his impeccable taste in home aesthetics. With a wealth of experience in contracting, decorative painting, and interior design, Alan has successfully turned countless ordinary spaces into stunning artistic masterpieces. His commitment to excellence is evident through his extensive qualifications, including a degree in interior design, over 25 decorative artisan certifications, and a distinguished position as an instructor for color theory and faux finishing classes at Queensborough Community College.

Alan's design philosophy is centered around the client, prioritizing their vision as the guiding force behind every project. From themed spaces to diverse styles, Alan's expertise spans the spectrum of design possibilities. To continuously deliver innovative solutions, he continually explores global design trends, seeking out the latest materials and techniques for his discerning clientele.

Alan's knack for trend-setting faux finishing techniques has earned him national recognition, with features in reputable publications such as House Magazine, Distinction Magazine, Windows and Walls Magazine, and New York Spaces Magazine. In addition, he has shared his expertise as a guest on WGBB's talk show "The Street". Alan's artistic touch has graced some of the world's most prestigious estates, including Chelsea Manor, Hempstead House (Sand's Point Castle), The Caumsett Mansion, Matinecock Point Venturi house, St. James Cathedral, and numerous private Hamptons Estates.

By seamlessly fusing decorative arts with interior design, Alan has redefined the concept of interior spaces, creating environments that surpass even the most refined tastes. His adaptability and dedication to each project ensure the perfect harmony between design and function. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant design landscape of Long Island and the bustling city of New York, Alan embodies the essence of timeless elegance.

Embark on a design journey with Alan Klockler and witness firsthand the remarkable fusion of artistry and creativity.

About Alan Klockler-Owner/Artisan

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